Photo by William Warby / Unsplash

The Apple //e in 3D

Apr 29, 2024

I discovered this detailed 3D model on Sketchfab. For the best result, rotate the model and view it in full screen. Oh, and you can zoom, too.

My first computer was the Apple //e. We had an Apple ][ Plus for a few months until the //e was released. The store we purchased it from was amazingly generous and "did the right thing." Rather than having us wait for the //e, they let us purchase early and use a ][ Plus while we waited.

Our system was a little different than the one below. We had the Apple Monitor III, and I never had a mouse. Over the next few years, I added an Apple Dot Matrix Printer, a used Hayes 300 baud modem, an Apple II Joystick, a MIDI interface card connected to a Yamaha DX21, and an FB-01 tone generator.

At a cost per hour, I got my money's worth. Much of my free time was spent playing, learning, experimenting, and having fun.

The models are the same, but the first one is worn from use ;-)